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Our Kitchen Garden

Local, seasonal and organic - just how it should be.

We believe that a sustainable kitchen is best for all, and that's why all the organic waste from the restaurant and kitchen are turned into compost on-site, which in turn is used in our garden to grow more delicious food.  
Companion Planting
Because vegetables need friends, we provide them with some healthy neighbors to ensure a positive environment.   We do not use pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers - our garden is 100% organic.  Cross pollination occurs naturally, with the help of bees, butterflies and birds, and helpful insects like ladybugs eat harmful insects like aphids.
Carbon RegeneratioN
We turn waste products such as cardboard, wood, paper and dried bones into trace-element rich carbon using carbon generators and add it back to the compost.
Rainwater Irrigation
The large roof of Lanseria Centre is great for capturing water, and that's what allows us to store 102,000 litres of rainwater which we then use to irrigate our kitchen garden.


We reuse glass jars and bottles wherever possible. Glass is sterilized in our commercial pressure steamer and reused for produce from our kitchen garden. Glass not reused on site, is separated by colour and collected by Consul for recycling.


Plastics are separated and sent for recycling.  We give preference to products in reusable packaging.


Paper is recycled through our carbon regenerators.


Metals are collected and sent for recycling.